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What Are Two-Tier Bike Racks and What Are Their Benefits?

Two Tier Bike Racks in an End of Trip Facility

If you’ve ever struggled to find a spot to park your bike in a busy city or walk past a cluttered bike parking spot on your way up to the office every morning, you’ll appreciate what we’re about to dive into: two-tier bike racks. These clever contraptions are revolutionising how we store our bikes, especially in cramped urban areas. Let’s explore what two-tier bike racks are and why they’re becoming so popular.

What Exactly Are Two-Tier Bike Racks?

This might be a funny thing to say, but basically, imagine bunk beds for bikes. That’s essentially what a two-tier bike rack is. Instead of having bike racks lined up side by side, taking up loads of floor space, these racks stack bikes one on top of the other. It’s a brilliant way to maximise space without sacrificing convenience.

There are, of course, different models of double-storey bike racks on the market, but the best ones have a little secret – a gas strut. What does the gas strut do? It makes users’ lives easier. Gas struts are little hydraulic devices that use compressed gas to give a controlled and adjustable lifting force. They give you an extra hand when raising and lowering the top track of the bike rack. That’s what’s so magical about these double-stacked bicycle racks – they may look complicated, but they do most of the work with a little push of a handle. The cyclist just needs to wheel the bike into the slope and push it gently up.

You’ll find these racks in train stations, office buildings, shopping centres, and educational institutions. Basically, anywhere there’s a high demand for bike parking. They’re designed to be user-friendly, so don’t worry about needing super strength to hoist your bike up!

Two Tier Bike Racks in an End of Trip Facility

Why You’ll Love Two-Tier Bike Racks

Two-tier bike racks pack a lot of power into a small space. They are a game-changing product designed to make the most of any area by taking advantage of the vertical space that is otherwise left unused. Here are the top benefits of two-tier racks.

Save Loads of Space

One of the biggest perks of two-tier bike racks is how much space they save. Traditional bike racks can hog a lot of room, but two-tier racks double the storage capacity by going vertical. This makes them perfect for busy urban areas where every square foot counts. Two-tier racks allow bikes to be stored with only 375mm centre spacing. Saying this, you must ensure your room has a minimum of 2.4m height and a minimum depth of 1.95m, plus a recommended minimum entrance space of 1.5m to install these racks comfortably and be usable.

Keep Things Neat and Tidy

Nobody likes a jumbled mess of bikes. Two-tier racks keep everything organised, with each bike having its own spot. This looks better and reduces the chances of bikes getting scratched, knocked over or tangled with another bike.

Fit Any Bike

Whether you’ve got a mountain bike, a road bike, or even an e-bike, two-tier racks can handle it. They’re versatile and designed to accommodate various bike types as long as they have two wheels. This makes them perfect for many places as it doesn’t matter what users ride – you can still accommodate them.

Security Boost

Worried about bike theft? The obvious top reason for installing a bike rack in the first place is to keep that bike securely parked and protected from any extra nimble hands. Two-tier racks are a cyclist’s security dream. They have enhanced security features like their three locking points, meaning a bike can be secured at the front and back wheels and the centre frame. You can also have a locking bar on the centre of the bike rack so cyclists can apply their D lock there. Employees or visitors can lock their bikes securely to the rack, giving them peace of mind while they go about their day.

Easy to Use

Modern two-tier bike racks are designed to be user-friendly. They are all about making life easier for cyclists. Our two-tier racks have a load and lock fool-proof sloping channel, and the top comes with gas-assisted lifting mechanisms, so users don’t need to strain when lifting their bikes onto the upper tier.

Two Tier Bike Rack with easy gas strut

Flexible and Adaptable

Two-tier racks can be installed indoors or outdoors and are manufactured in varied sizes. It doesn’t matter if you need 6, 8, 10, 24, or 48 bikes; we can make a frame for you. The catch is obviously that they must be in units of 2, as each section stores one cycle above and one below. The frames are bolted side by side with no space lost, and for larger projects, we have even done them back to back, creating larger storage areas.

The best thing about these racks is they can also easily be extended as time goes on and you fill capacity.

Cost-Effective for Businesses

For businesses, installing two-tier bike racks is a smart move. They can provide ample bike parking without needing to expand their space, which is great for companies that want to promote cycling among their employees and customers without breaking the bank. Besides, they are made of strong, quality materials, which we guarantee will last you for years to come. The upper tier uses stainless steel bearings for long life and minimum maintenance, and the frame has a robust steel construction, hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.

Good Looks

Nobody wants an eyesore in their office, car park, or train station. Two-tier bike racks are useful and practical, with sleek, modern designs that look good while still serving their purpose. They blend in nicely with the urban environment, adding a touch of style and functionality.

Promote Green Living and Active Travel

Last but not least, by making it easier and more convenient to park bikes, these racks encourage more people to cycle. This means fewer cars on the road, less traffic congestion, and a healthier environment. Cities that invest in two-tier bike racks are making a statement about their commitment to sustainability.

By providing plenty of bike parking, two-tier racks also encourage more people to get on board with active travel and commute by bike. This promotes a healthier lifestyle and helps reduce pollution, making the community a better place to live.

Two-tier bike racks are a fantastic solution for today’s bike storage challenges. They save space, keep things organised, and promote a greener, healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re a city planner, a business owner, or a premises manager, these racks are worth considering.

If you’re looking to explore these handy racks more, we offer various options to suit different needs. Their racks are durable, user-friendly, and designed to make the most of any space. So why not make the switch and enjoy all the benefits that two-tier bike racks have to offer?


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