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Two Tier Bike Racks

Are you tired of cluttered bike storage areas, struggling to find space for growing bike parking demand in already crowded office buildings or bus and train stations? We hear you, and we are here to tell you that the answer is – two-tier bike racks. These innovative racks are revolutionising the way we store bicycles, offering a space-saving and efficient alternative to traditional racks.

Why Choose Our Two Tier Bike Racks?

The best thing about bike racks on two levels is their ability to maximise space. By stacking bikes vertically, these racks can accommodate double the number of bicycles in the same space as traditional racks. This game-changer is perfect for tight city spaces where every inch counts.

Whether you're a business looking to provide bike parking for employees or a city planner taking a shot at building better cycling infrastructure, two-tier bike racks offer a practical solution to the space dilemma.

Efficient and Effortless

Beyond their space-saving capabilities, two-tier bike racks are also incredibly efficient and convenient to use. With easy-to-access upper and lower levels, cyclists can quickly park and get their bikes back without hassle. The design of these racks prioritises accessibility, making them easy for cyclists of all ages and abilities to use.

Top Security

Security is always a concern when it comes to bike storage, especially in urban areas where theft is common. Two-tier bike racks are here to make sure thieves are going to have a pretty impossible job. They have robust security features and 3-point locking mechanisms that secure the bike's frame and wheels. Plus, the vertical stacking of bikes makes it more challenging for thieves to access and steal individual bicycles.

Promoting Cycling Culture

Two-tier racks help spread the joy of cycling by making bike storage efficient and secure. Say hello to less traffic and cleaner air—these racks are all about promoting a bike-friendly culture in our cities.

Why settle for crowded and disorganised bike storage areas when you can have two-tier bike racks? stack up your bikes and make room for a more bike-friendly future by giving us a call.

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