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Do I Need a Shelter to Go With My Two-Tier Bike Racks?

Two-tier Hammersmith bike shelter with two-tier bike racks

You’ve decided to get two-tier racks for your bike storage space. You have taken stock of their good looks, excellent space-saving benefits, and unique way of maximising your storage space. Now, you’re wondering, is that enough? Do I need a shelter to go with the racks?

We would say yes. Investing in a shelter is absolutely worth it when it comes to outdoor bike storage. Only providing racks is good—bikes will be kept safe, and their owners will find them where they left them—but it’s not good enough. Sun, rain, snow, blistering heat, and UV rays are some of the things that bicycles left outside are treated to. Providing a roof over their wheels is essential to complete your bike storage space and give employees and clients adequate cycle parking.

Understanding Two-Tier Racks

Two-tier bike racks are a smart way to store more bikes without needing extra floor space. Picture this: instead of just one level of bike slots, you’ve got two—one on the ground and one right above it. This design is particularly useful in urban areas or anywhere where space is hard to find.

The structure typically consists of a lower tier where bikes are placed on ground-level rails and an upper tier (the coolest feature) that can be pulled down or lowered, making it super easy to load and unload bikes. No heavy lifting is required!

This mechanism ensures that the upper tier is easily accessible, even for those who might struggle with lifting a bike overhead.

Why You’ll Love Them

Space Efficiency: Got a small area but lots of bikes? These racks let you stack bikes vertically, doubling your storage without taking up more room.

Increased Capacity: By making the most of vertical space, these racks can store twice as many bikes as single-tier systems. They are perfect for places like offices, schools, or busy public spots where lots of people need to park their bikes.

Accessibility: Modern two-tier racks are designed with lift-assist mechanisms, so getting your bike up to the second tier is a breeze.

Tidy Storage: A designated space for each bike means less mess and less chance of bikes bumping into each other and getting scratched.

Things to Think About

Height Matters: Make sure you have enough vertical space for these racks. Measure before you buy!

Cost: Because of their design and materials, these racks can be pricier than single-tier ones. But remember that you’re buying a two-for-one deal here.

Upkeep: Regular checks and maintenance are needed to keep the lift mechanisms working smoothly. This is important because it’s one of the best things about these racks and what makes them stand out in the market.

User Learning Curve: It might take a little getting used to, especially for folks who aren’t familiar with the lift system. It is super easy to use, but sometimes people get a bit intimidated. But don’t worry, there’s no going back once they try it.

Understanding Two-Tier Shelters

Think of two-tier bike shelters as a cosy home for your two-tier bike racks. They are made in the right sizes to fit your two-tier racks and keep them safe and protected. These shelters typically have a roof and sometimes walls, providing a safe, weather-proof spot. The shelters end up being these semi-enclosed spaces that shield bikes from rain, snow, and direct sunlight, which can damage bike components over time. They’re made from materials like steel and polycarbonate and come in all sorts of designs to fit the look and feel of your space.

Why You’ll Love Them

Perfect Size: Our shelters are made with two-tier racks in mind. This means that racks are fully protected, and under the roof, sides are extended long enough. Some models can even be adapted to install two-tier racks back-to-back for a larger storage area.

Weather Protection: No more worrying about rain, snow, or harsh sun damaging bikes. These shelters keep your bikes safe and sound.

Extra Security: Many shelters can be locked or can be outfitted with security features like CCTV, lighting, gates and locks, so bikes are better protected from theft and vandalism.

Keeping Things Organised: Shelters help keep things tidy. No more scattered bikes cluttering up the place.

Good Looks: A well-designed shelter can actually make the area look nicer and more inviting.

Things to Think About

Space: Measuring your area correctly is the foundation of a successful buy. Shelters need some extra square footage compared to just racks, but it’s worth it.

Cost: Costs do add up when you add a shelter to your order, but giving your employees and visitors proper protection, which they can use with peace of mind, is priceless.

Types of Shelters

There are several options to choose from when it comes to shelters for two-tier bike racks. Some of our models are customisable and can be ordered with extras like side and back walls, roof and gates. With some customisation, you can have:

Open-Sided Shelters: These have a roof but no walls, giving you basic protection from rain and sun while keeping everything easily accessible.

Partially Enclosed Shelters: These have a roof and some walls, and they offer better protection from the elements while still providing good ventilation.

Fully Enclosed Shelters: These shelters give the best protection with a roof, walls, and often a lockable door, making them great for areas where security is a top concern.

Two Tier Bike Racks Vs Two Tier Bike Shelters

The decision whether to stick to just racks or get the full racks and shelter combination is something you have to make based on your situation. It all depends on things like space and budget but sometimes it comes down to situation-specific elements only you know best. However, before you decide, here are some things to consider:

Space Requirements

First, let’s talk about space. Two-tier bike racks are awesome because they stack bikes vertically, saving a ton of floor space. But you’ll need to make sure you’ve got enough height to fit that second level.

On the other hand, bike shelters, while also space-efficient, need a bit more room overall. You’re adding a roof and possibly walls, so you’ll need a bit more real estate.

So, if space isn’t an issue, we would always recommend installing your two-tier bike racks with a shelter to preserve them and all the bikes that will be housed under the roof.

Cost Comparison

Budgets matter and often they are the ultimate decider. Two-tier bike racks are generally more expensive than single-tier ones because of the added complexity and materials, but they’re an investment that pays off with double the storage.

Now, throw a shelter into the mix, and the cost goes up. You’re not just paying for the racks but also the structure to keep them protected. Naturally, this adds up.

However, it is a bit like buying an expensive new phone but skipping the good case and screen protector to keep it safe. Sometimes, it’s worth the extra spend for that added protection, peace of mind and extended life. Investing in a shelter will guarantee your racks a longer lifespan, better working condition and your customers and employees will be very happy to not have to leave their bikes out in the rain.

Maintenance and Durability

Both racks and shelters need some care to keep them in tip-top shape. Two-tier bike racks have moving parts for the upper tier, so you’ll need to check these regularly, as maintenance keeps everything running smoothly.

Shelters are pretty low-maintenance, but they still need occasional checks, especially after severe weather. You don’t want a wobbly roof over your racks or bikes. A well-maintained shelter will last for years and keep your bikes and racks looking and working great.

So buying two-tier bike racks is a fantastic choice. These racks are a game-changer, doubling your storage capacity and keeping things neat and accessible. But before you stop there, we strongly advise you to think about getting these space-savers a roof over their heads.

A shelter isn’t just an extra—it’s an essential. It protects bikes and racks from harsh weather conditions like sun, rain, snow, and UV rays that can cause serious damage over time. It’s a roof over your great new racks and every single bike stored there, providing security, durability, and organised space that looks great and keeps everything underneath in top condition.

Investing in a shelter to go with your two-tier bike racks is absolutely worth it. It’s like getting a premium phone and then ensuring it stays pristine with a top-notch case. The extra protection means your investment lasts longer and works better, giving everyone peace of mind.

So, go ahead and complete your bike storage setup with a shelter. Your employees, clients and their bikes, will thank you.

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