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Two-Tier Bike Racks – Your Answer to Limited Space

If you bike yourself, you've probably seen them; if you don't, you must have heard of them. They're the jewel in the steel crown of bike storage—the two-tier bike rack. We've heard people call them different names: double-decker bike racks, two-storey bike racks, double-stacked bike racks, and two-level bike racks. But what's in a name, right? A two-tier back rack by any other name is just as space-saving.

Let's talk about two-tier bike racks – the ultimate space-saving solution for storing your wheels! Why are they so popular, why do cyclists love them, and what's so great about them?

Why Are Two-Tier Bike Racks So Popular?

Bike storage is becoming a big deal in cities and modern buildings as cycling is getting more popular by the day. The question everyone's asking is "How do I fit more bikes in less space?" The answer? Two-tier bike racks! Their way of allowing bicycles to be parked is unique and what's made them such a fan favourite. These racks stack one bike on top of the other, doubling your parking capacity without taking up extra room.

We've been crafting and installing these nifty racks for over ten years. We've seen firsthand how they can make biking to work a breeze. And the best part? They're perfect for tight spaces and super easy to use. Plus, they look sleek and tidy, giving your bike area that extra oomph!

Why Should You Choose Two-Tier Racks Over Traditional Ones?

First off, security's pretty great. This being the whole point of bike racks, we've made sure to tick "very secure" on our checklist before every rack leaves our factory. Our two-tier cycle racks come with three-point locking systems, so your bike stays safe and sound.

Accessibility? Check! These racks are designed for maximum convenience, making storing and retrieving your bike a piece of cake. Our popular model, the two-tier bike rack with a gas strut, uses a gas-assisted lift to take the weight off your hands when you put your bike on the top tier. No need for heavy lifting!

And let's not forget the space-saving magic! With two tiers, you can fit double the number of bikes in the same area, leaving more room for other stuff.

So, if you're thinking about upgrading your bike storage game, two-tier racks are definitely the way to go. Get in touch with us and we will get on it right away.